I have written hundreds of articles in a variety of outlets; on-line and in print. You can read a selection of them below. Please contact me if you are looking for freelance writing.

Articles on people pleasing, motivation, inspiration, energy vampires and life coaching: View articles.

"How to trust your own decisions" in Psychologies Magazine.

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"Why People-pleasing is Holding You Back in Life" and "Why Letting Go of Relationships is Healthy for Your Journey": View articles

I was featured in insideKENT Magazine talking about "Lowering Stress and Perfecting Your Work Life balance". View article

I wrote various articles about work life and how to improve it at WorkAwesome. View articles

I have written lots more life coaching related articles at Lifehack. View articles

An article I created called "How to do what you enjoy" at Wisebread. 

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I was delighted to be interviewed by Tara about "Ending people-pleasing". View article

I wrote at Pick The Brain about "12 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity"View article

"Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone" at Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. View article.

I have written hundreds of articles at Jobacle.com about work life and career. 

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